Welcome to Sweepr - now available on iPhone!

This is a blog for Sweepr, the iPhone arcade game created by Mark Devlin. Sweeper was released on April 4, 2011. Sweeper is FREE over Easter Weekend!

How to play: 

  • Keep finger on screen
  • Avoid sweeprs, fireballs, ships, mines & bees
  • Collect Stars, Butterflies, SpaceCows
  • Play portrait or landscape
  • Touch with second finger to pause

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Video of level one (single sweepr). 

Level 3 in Expert (Fast Mode)

About Sweepr

There are five levels, the starting level and four more that can be unlocked. Once the fifth level is completed Expert Mode is unlocked and players can try all five levels in either Expert or Standard modes

The player’s finger must contact the screen within two seconds. If the player lifts their finger after that then the game is over. There are two types of particle trails — fire and stars.

Sweeprs move from left to right (top to bottom in portrait mode) unless they hit a Reversor, which will change the direction. Reversors can be destroyed for 2 points. 

Avoid Sweeprs (of course), Fireballs (red), Meteor Bombs (white) and Bees (yellow).

Collect Stars, Butterflies and Spacecows. Five stars gives a shield.

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